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About F Group Nano LLC

We combine science and technology to produce advanced materials that provide durable, effective, and economical antimicrobial protection in a variety of products.

This innovative company was founded in 2002 when a team of scientists from The Pennsylvania State University put their heads together to figure out how to bring the benefits of engineering science and nanotechnology  to consumers—nothing theoretical, just effective, practical science that results in remarkable products.

The company's mission is to develop and commercialize innovative products based upon an extensive intellectual property portfolio. The early work of the company included the development of high performance flexible electronics as well as novel polymeric sensors and analytic chemistry devices for drug discovery.

Today, We are a leading innovator in antimicrobial protection in the healthcare, textile, and industrial sectors. The company markets its patent-protected, industry proven, and Oeko-Tex® approved antimicrobial solution under the SmartSilver brand that has worldwide recognition. We are unique in the manufacture of proprietary additives that allow customers to permanently, easily, safely, and cost-effectively integrate SmartSilver within their products without impacting  production processes or other product features.

NanoHorizons FacilityWe develop and manufacture SmartSilver additives entirely within the United States. The company's corporate offices, laboratories, and manufacturing facility are located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, near Penn State’s University Park campus.  Our scientists and engineers have collaborated with renowned organizations, such as the Penn State and the National Science Foundation, to develop innovative solutions that are practical, cost effective, and environmentally benign. The company’s state-of-the-art research lab and dedicated bio-test lab support customers with broad integration testing and new application development. 

The talented and highly skilled employee base is dedicated to quality products, environmental stewardship, regulatory adherence, and responsible manufacturing processes as key attributes of the company’s solutions. The  team is also committed to applying innovative research to produce new technologies that have practical, beneficial applications and provide value to both manufacturers and consumers.

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