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Highly durable performance.

SmartSilver’s nanoscale silver bonds at the molecular level and provides durable antimicrobial performance that is not weakened by sweat, abrasion or long-term wear. Degradation due to bacteria and fungus is also reduced.

Works with foams, synthetic and natural materials.

The nanotechnology behind SmartSilver prohibits bacteria growth on any material including foams, extruded plastic and synthetic and natural fibers. SmartSilver can be applied at any stage of production.

Complements other performance features.

SmartSilver doesn’t compromise performance additives such as those for moisture management or body temperature control. Your SmartSilver certified footwear provides superior odor control PLUS other performance features.

Keeps Fabrics Comfortable.

SmartSilver’s nanotechnology disperses silver evenly so it’s undetectable to the touch. That means your products have unrivaled performance capabilities PLUS the original look and feel of the fabrics you’ve chosen for your footwear.