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Home Furnishings

Girl on rugLong Lasting, Effortless Freshness

Floor coverings can become an ideal breeding ground for odor causing bacteria. SmartSilver’s built-in antimicrobial technology inhibits bacterial growth and keeps carpets and floor coverings fresh and free from odors.

  • Integration-ready for synthetic and natural fibers and foams
  • Oeko-Tex® approved as non-toxic
  • No impact on moisture and stain control features
  • Durable anti-odor performance that reduces cleaning frequency

Protect Home Investments

OutdoorFurniture expresses personal style and reflects a significant investment of time and money. Moisture activated microbes can feed on upholstery and cause deterioration and staining. SmartSilver additives prevent mold and mildew growth, preserving the upholstery’s original beauty for its expected life.

  • Highly effective antimicrobial protection that won’t wash out
  • Will not thermally or UV degrade
  • Eliminates need for harmful chemical biocides

Create A Pleasant Indoor Environment

BathroomHome textiles can harbor bacteria, mold, and fungi that cause odor and lead to material degradation. SmartSilver antimicrobial protection inhibits microbial growth in natural and synthetic fabrics, enhancing wellness and comfort.

  • Does not affect a fabric’s softness or other aesthetics
  • Antimicrobial protection lasts the expected life of the product
  • Reduces laundering frequency, extending product life
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