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SmartSilver » Textile & Fiber (regulated by US EPA) » Applications » Hunting, Military and First Responder Gear

Hunting, Military and First Responder Gear

Duck HunterGet the edge on your game

Concealment is vital for successful hunting and controlling odor is a major challenge. SmartSilver scent control antimicrobial technology snuffs out a hunter’s odor profile and minimizes detection in the natural environment.

  • Superior, continuous anti-odor protection
  • Easily integrates into synthetic and natural fabrics, coatings, foams and polymers
  • Oeko-Tex® approved as free of harmful substances

The Protection They Deserve

SoldierOn deployment, bacteria proliferate with perspiration in clothing and textile gear, resulting in odor, staining, and material degradation. SmartSilver provides advanced antimicrobial protection to enhance performance and comfort

  • No impact on moisture control or flame resistance treatments
  • Highly effective protection won’t wash out
  • Made in USA & Berry Amendment compliant 

Protective Clothing Just got Better

FirefighterThe intense demands on first responders can make them sweat and odor-causing bacteria thrive in moisture. SmartSilver antimicrobial technology continuously controls bacterial growth in protective clothing to increase comfort and safety on the job.

  • Durable performance for the life of the clothing
  • UV and high temperature stable
  • Easily integrates into synthetic and natural fabrics
  • Made in the USA

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