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As conscientious scientists and corporate citizens, F Group Nano is committed to developing responsible products and manufacturing them in ways that do not harm the environment or the people who interact with them.


Less is More for the Environment.

Our Responsible Manufacturing Guidelines

  • Reclaimed raw materials
  • Safe materials handling practices
  • Free from volatile organic chemicals
  • Energy conservation
  • Water management
  • Recycled packaging
  • Waste reduction
  • Made in USA

 Quality Management and Ecological Certification

  •  SmartSilver additives contain EPA FIFRA registered Additive SSB (#83587-3) for materials preservation of fiber, coating and polymer applications. 
  • The International Oeko-Tex Association has extensively tested SmartSilver additives and determined the additives to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances dangerous to humans. In addition, silver is not on Oeko-Tex’s restricted substance list (RSL). Textile products manufacturers who are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified can use SmartSilver additives without compromising their standing.
  • Our SmartSilver additives comply with the EU Biocidal Products Directive and the active is registered for use as a Type II and IV Disinfectant Product.
  • F Group Nano is committed to continuously improving process efficiency and quality and is currently applying for ISO:9001 certification to formalize this commitment.

The Environmental Benefits of Antimicrobials

  • With SmartSilver additives, less is really more. Our silver additives have a greater surface area available to produce silver ions that interface with bacteria, thus increasing efficacy while conserving silver raw materials. Only a tiny amount of silver is needed to get a tremendous amount of benefit.
  • SmartSilver additives are embedded in fibers, polymers and coatings. The minute amount of silver ions that these silver particles emit during normal use is the key to silver’s benefits in therapeutics, pathogen control, odor control, and materials preservation. In wastewater, these emitted silver ions are quickly deactivated by common substances—like chloride and sulfide—to form unreactive minerals.
  • Garments enhanced with SmartSilver inhibit odor and stay fresh longer which means an extended lifespan due to lower laundering frequency. And because the fabrics stay fresh without high temperature laundering, harsh bleaches or dry-cleaning, less energy is consumed and fewer laundering chemicals are used. Similarly, the life of footwear can be extended as odor is a major reason for discarding functional footwear.

The Human Ecology of Silver

  • Silver has been revered as a healing metal throughout human history. Since ancient times, food and water storage vessels and eating utensils have been made of silver. Modern water treatment facilities use silver filters to eliminate bacteria in the public drinking water supply.
  • Some of the medical profession’s most vulnerable patients are treated with silver. A new born baby may receive silver nitrate drops to protect its eyes from infection. Third degree burn victims who have lost their skin are immersed in silver sulfadiazine creams to protect them from infection. 
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