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SmartSilver » Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Proven Performance. Safety Tested. Lasting Durability.

SmartSilver™ is a global brand of additives that optimize the natural anti-odor properties of silver through superior chemistry. SmartSilver additives can be integrated at the molecular level into natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics, coatings, foams and polymer applications to provide antimicrobial protection against odor-causing bacteria that lasts the expected life of the product. SmartSilver is developed and produced by F group nano LLC entirely in the USA and is commercially used in the textile, health care, coatings, and plastic industries. The active ingredient in SmartSilver additives is EPA registered and is certified as being free of harmful substances according to the Oeko-Tex® 100 standard.

…And Environmentally Friendly Too

In the world of material conservation, less is more. SmartSilver additives are extremely effective at low concentrations, meaning superior performance with less material. In fact, the amount of silver found in single roll of photographic film contains enough silver to treat an area rug or a dozen pairs of socks! Add to that, F Group Nano uses reclaimed silver in the manufacture of SmartSilver. Importantly, the use of SmartSilver antimicrobial protection can extend the life of a product, reduce the need for harmful chemical cleanings, and keep products cleaner without the energy costs of hot water. All of these outcomes are good for the environment.

Reap the Unique Benefits of SmartSilver

Less is More Anti-odor protection using less silver.
Seamless Integration Easily mixed and metered into finished and in-process formulations. No expensive upgrades to manufacturing processes required. No impact on physical properties such as moisture management, fire retardation, or body temperature control. Does not change a fabric’s softness, stretch, or other aesthetics.
Increased Durability Designed for controlled silver ion release – providing long lasting protection. Will not thermally or UV degrade.
Environmentally Friendly Eliminates the need for adding environmentally harmful organic biocides.  
Compliant The active ingredient in SmartSilver additives is EPA-registered under FIFRA (Additive SSB #83587-3). Oeko-Tex® approved as free of harmful levels of dangerous substances.  FDA Master Device File on Record
Flexible Integrated into a variety of materials including natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics, coatings, foams, and polymer applications.
Track Record Successfully integrated into textile, industrial, and healthcare products currently on the market.
Made in the USA 100% developed and manufactured in USA

SmartSilver Additives are not registered with EPA but incorporate the EPA registered materials preservative Additive SSB, EPA Reg. No. 83587-3, and are subject to the conditions of the Additive SSB label.  All claims for products made from SmartSilver must be in accordance with the Additive SSB label and EPA’s March 6, 2000 PRN 2000-1 in order to be eligible for the treated article exemption provided under 40 C.F.R. § 152.25(a).

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