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SmartSilver » Industrial (regulated by US EPA)

Industrial (regulated by US EPA)

Coatings, paints, and plastics enhanced with SmartSilver™ antimicrobial silver additives are permanently, and cost effectively protected against molds, fungi, and bacteria that cause odors and materials degradation.

SmartSilver’s flexible proprietary formulas allow antimicrobial silver to be incorporated into aqueous and polar organic solvent-based coatings, powder coatings, and injection molded plastics. SmartSilver additives do not impact the mechanical or flame resistant properties of plastics or coatings and are stable against UV light and high temperatures.

SmartSilver antimicrobial silver technology is available in formulas for coatings, paints, foams, plastics, laminates, and masterbatch applications. SmartSilver protection works with polyethylene, polycarbonates, polypropylene, and other surface materials. Plus the active ingredient in SmartSilver additives is EPA registered as materials preservative.

SmartSilver Additives are not registered with EPA but incorporate the EPA registered materials preservative Additive SSB, EPA Reg. No. 83587-3, and are subject to the conditions of the Additive SSB label.  All claims for products made from SmartSilver must be in accordance with the Additive SSB label and EPA’s March 6, 2000 PRN 2000-1 in order to be eligible for the treated article exemption provided under 40 C.F.R. § 152.25(a).

SmartSilver™ antimicrobial additives mean no compromises.
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