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SmartSilver » News » 2013 » NanoHorizons Introduces SmartSilver® Antimicrobial Yarn and Fiber

NanoHorizons Introduces SmartSilver® Antimicrobial Yarn and Fiber

Posted: April 30, 2013

NanoHorizons Inc. launches SmartSilver Antimicrobial Fiber, the next generation of silver-bonded fiber technology.

Bellefonte, PA – May 1, 2013 – NanoHorizons Inc., a technology company focused on the development of antimicrobial solutions for textile, healthcare, and industrial markets, today introduced a next generation silver-bonded yarns and fibers under the SmartSilver brand. Based on a proprietary manufacturing, this patent-pending technology is applicable to fabric and fiber products across a broad spectrum of industries where long-lasting, high performance antimicrobial protection against odors and materials degradation is required.


“SmartSilver fiber represents a major advancement in metallic silver-coated fibers. Not only does this product offer exceptional efficacy and durability” states Dr. James Delattre, Vice President, NanoHorizons, “but it leverages patent-pending technology to offer cost savings and improved moisture management.”


The process for producing SmartSilver fiber is highly flexible and allows a range of filament and spun yarns to be produced to customer specifications.  SmartSilver fiber is currently available as nylon-66 filament yarn and polyester spun yarn, but can be applied to a wide variety of substrates including modacrylic, cotton, wool and rayon yarns as well.  


Proprietary SmartSilver® technology enhances silver’s inherent powers to control microbial growth. As a result, smaller additive amounts are needed to provide outstanding antimicrobial protection over a longer period of time. In addition, SmartSilver® protection does not thermally or UV degrade. SmartSilver® additives require no compromises in the manufacturing process or in product performance. SmartSilver® enhanced apparel and footwear stay fresh and odor-free. Foams and laminates protected by SmartSilver® resist microbe growth that causes degradation. Coating and plastics formulated with SmartSilver® protection prevent the growth of mildew and odor build-up. Hospital products that incorporate SmartSilver® additives help control bacteria on surfaces. The active ingredient in SmartSilver formulated products is EPA-registered under FIFRA and Oeko-Tex® approved as free from harmful levels of dangerous substances. SmartSilver® antimicrobial additives also have an FDA Device Master File in place. For more detailed information about SmartSilver®, visit 

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