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Regulated by US EPA. SmartSilver™ fibers and additives mean no compromises.

No compromises on performance. SmartSilver offers durable, proven and effective protection against odor-causing bacteria, fungus, and mold in a variety of textile, health care, and industrial products, including natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics as well as coatings, foams, and polymer applications. The active ingredient in SmartSilver fibers and additives is EPA registered under FIFRA and Oeko-Tex® approved as free of harmful substances.

No compromises in the manufacturing process. SmartSilver is integration-ready and compatible with virtually any production process. SmartSilver fibers are easily knitted or woven into technical fabrics.   SmartSilver additives mix or meter into finished and in-process formulations and do not impact other features and properties (such as flame resistance or moisture control) of the end-product. The additives are also stable against both UV light and high temperatures and resist oxidation.

SmartSilver fibers and additives come in a variety of forms as shown in the table below. For additional information about specific products, contact your SmartSilver sales representative.

Product Form Compatibility Applications
SmartSilver™ Fiber & Yarn Filament Yarn, Spun Yarn, Staple Fiber  Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Wool, Nylon, Rayon, Blends Knits, Wovens, Non-Wovens, Staple Fiber
SmartSilver™ Textile Finishes Dispersions or 
Water Dispersible Powder (Powder Size >10 µm)
Cotton, Polyester, Wool, Nylon, Rayon and Blends Fibers and Fabrics, Knits, Wovens, Non-Wovens, Staple Fiber
SmartSilver™ Additives Dispersions or Water and Solvent Dispersible Powders (Powder size >10 µm) Water-Based, Polar Organic Solvent-Based, or  Melt Processes Foams, Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers
SmartSilver™ Masterbatch Polymer Pellets Thermoplastics, Olefins, Elastomers, Urethanes Synthetic Fibers, Injection Molded and Extruded Parts

SmartSilver additives incorporate the EPA registered pesticide Additive SSB, EPA Reg. No. 83587-3, and are subject to the conditions of the Additive SSB label.  All claims for products made for SmartSilver enhanced products must be in accordance with the Additive SSB label and EPA’s March 6, 2000 PRN 2000-1 in order to be eligible for the treated article exemption provided under 40 C.F.R. § 152.25(a).  Not all products may be available in all regions. 

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